Feminine Cup Payment Options

iCare Feminine Cup

How To Use The iCare Menstrual Cup

All prices, for your Feminine Cup, are in USD, plus shipping fees.

PayPal & Credit Cards

We use the much trusted PayPal secure payment gateway. Once you click on any of the 'Buy Now' buttons you will be directed to a 100% safe and secure Paypal page to pay for your Feminine Cup. You have the option to pay for your order via your Paypal account or by Credit Card. We accept VISA, Mastercard, Amex & Discover.

For discretion purposes, the transaction details of your purchase, on your credit card statement will appear as "MARKETING COMMUNICATION" or "MARKETINGCO" based on your credit card company.

Money Transfer

You also have the option to pay your Feminine Cup by money transfer, almost the same as if you were paying cash on delivery. Please read the instructions.